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Fairytale love

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Fairytale love

Post by on Thu Dec 30, 2010 1:56 am

Hi im Kamiko-lee...

Here is my 21 female from south africa..a couple of days ago something
happend..i was watching a animal planet documentary called in the lions
den hosted by dave salmoni..and as i watching him everything stopped
for a second and i said out loud..his my was as if i knew
all along and everyday i think and dream about the day we would
meet..he doesnt know me,i followed him on twitter so im just another could be easy for me to just tell him..but then hell think
im just another crazy fan.The truth is im not..i truly fell inlove and
someday i pray to god that i will fly all the way to where he stays and
look for him n tell him,they can even arrest he has to
know.People think im living in a fantasy world..perhaps bt what i feel
is no fantasy it is soo real..i wish he gets to see this im not a just girl asking the guy of her dreams to love her back.

my dreams come true i will always think of u n il never give up
hoping.You are an amazing guy full of passion n love..i wana be apart
of that.

Till love

ciao tesoro

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