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She's The One

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She's The One

Post by on Thu Dec 30, 2010 2:06 am

Nakakatawa how one falls in love and falls out of it...
Nakakatawa how one would die looking for it, while one would just let it die...
Nakakatawa how each and everyone of us is very much affected by love...
Nakakatawa how everyone live by because of LOVE

Well, here is a story...

a dream, GOD told me, that I could pick up a woman I like from his
fields. But I have to choose only one. Once na nakapili na ako, I have
to raise my hand and say I finally found her, then go back to GOD for
praise. But, he has this condition, na I could never turn back. Once
nalampasan ko, I should move forward. Sabi ko, GOD won't give me rotten
crops of women, I have been a good son and I deserve to be with a good

So my journey begins, as I went through the field, nakita
ko ang ibat ibang klase ng babae. Some were tempting me to pick them
up. Pero sabi ko, baka may mas maganda, mas mabait, mas matalino, mas
masipag, mas mahal ako sa dulo ng field na ito. I let go. Once. Twice.
Believing that in the end of the field is my princess, waiting for me.

I saw a woman. She sees me while I was there picking up crops in GODS
field. She looked at me straight eye. And I don't know why, pero there
is something in her that I longed for. Pero di pwede. I have to make it
to the end of the field. I have to see the right princess. If habang
lumalayo ako, nakakakita ako ng ganitong klase ng babae, baka in the
other end may mas hihigit pa sa kanya.

Until, I reached the end
of the field. GOD asked me "Di ba napakakulit mo, araw araw nagdadasal
ka na magkaroon ng partner in life, but ngayon bakit wala kang dala. My
crops are all fresh and good. There is none there na di maganda. All
for the picking."

I answered. "I thought I would see someone at
the end of your crops, my LORD, wala na pala. Each step to perfection
na hinahanap ko is a step to nothingness. I have met someone in my path
but I did let her go. Believing na there is someone better, at the end
of your field. God said, I'm sorry my child, but you have to face
reality. I have given you enough time to choose. Face these

Then I said, "I'm sorry that I wasn't brave enough
to raise my hand in the middle of the field and commit myself to
someone. I was not ready to face the challenges of life with someone I
thought was of lesser value than me…I'm sorry!"

Nagising akong
umiiyak, saying sorry to GOD and to my life. Then I realize that GOD is
giving me another chance to choose, but not in his field but in the
fields of uncertainty. Now I'm looking at the one looking at me
straight eyed wondering if she is the one.

What is the meaning
of all my efforts and wealth, I may become the best doctor but to whom
will I share my care and love for, all the days of my life.

lahat ng mga binata like me at dalaga sa groups, think about this. We
are not getting any younger. Explore GOD'S field. Who knows, perhaps
the right one for you is already right there at your doorway...

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