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A choir for our love.

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A choir for our love.

Post by on Thu Dec 30, 2010 2:14 am

09 April, 2007

ten or so years ago in St Paul. My future to be wife and I, who had
been spending a lot of time together, realized that we had fallen in
love. We happened to be together one day doing something I can't

One of us suggested a walk in the park. We hopped in her van and drove to a park nearby us in East St Paul.

we arrived there was a school bus and a sign reading something to the
effect of "Hmong christian choir." The choir was gathered together
under the parks permanent large gazebo area. I was a little
disappointed by this as it was lightly raining and I was hoping we
could find a little shelter under it and be alone at the same time.
Instead we went for a walk around the paved path that led around the
park. We stopped by a stream that ran through the park and watched fish
swim about for a short while and then headed off to a more secluded

When we were comfortably alone we stepped off the
path into the trees and bushes and proceeded to embrace and exchange
deep passionate kisses and "I love yous." We were still young, quite
clearly in love, embracing each other alone among the trees in a park
on a lightly rainy and lightly foggy day. It was cold enough to see
your breath a little and it gave us a great excuse to embrace and keep
each other warm. This was new love.

So imagine the
situation. Young, in love, in a light rain, on a light foggy Grey day,
alone in a park, embracing each other, kissing deeply and exchanging
heart felt compliments and endearments.

And in the background a choir singing church songs.

It really was pretty.

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