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Rules for "Complaints and Concerns" section

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Rules for "Complaints and Concerns" section

Post by Forum_Admin on Tue Dec 14, 2010 1:32 am

General rules for this section: Please post only complaints and concerns for Uzzap. Don't post meaningless topics or threads and non related topics to this section or else your post will be deleted!

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Re: Rules for "Complaints and Concerns" section

Post by shirla1478 on Fri Apr 15, 2011 8:41 pm

i had purchased 300 package last April 13, 2011 because i received a notification an hour before it will expire and also another notification for the expiration. until now I wasn't able to use it, its so frustrating. I already call the cx service for the problem and i received a text message from cust. care of uzzap telling me that the expiry of my last subscription is April 14 not April 13. Then how come i get a text message from smart and uzzap telling me for the expiration. When I talk to the customer service, it shows in their database that I had loaded last April 13, a 300 Call and Text Card and then after loading, I had purchased the 300 subscription in Uzzap. Then Uzzap technical department told me that the registration for the subscription is not successful because i was still on my current subscription last April 13 and I need to purchase again the 300 package. Thats very disappointing to know that Smart and Uzzap have different information on their database, even if they are one company. I had called the customer service and the last person that I had talked to takes 1 hour and 43 mins for our conversation but nothing happens to my account. I still didn't get and use my subscription until now. I had been waiting for 2 days now because the last agent told me that the 300 subscription status is still pending.
I had been using Uzzap for a long time since it was still a beta version until now. Because of this issue that I have right now, I am not happy and very dissapointed that nobody can fix this issue.


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