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Jen and Migs - Hangang bestfriends lang...

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Jen and Migs - Hangang bestfriends lang...

Post by on Thu Dec 30, 2010 2:01 am

GIRL = let's call her Jen

GUY = let's call him Migs

NIGHT: they were talking on the phone about the perennial topic of
getting-to-know-each-other-better-and-better pairs, LOVE LIFE. Migs was
using the cordless one. Suddenly, brown out. So he texted Jen this:
(not in the abbreviated form)

"Hey sorry! Nagbrown out here.
Sayang, I really wanted to talk to you pa. You're really a breath of
fresh air you know that? Nga pala. Thanx for being you. La lang. You're
something I need to make me whole. Corny, pero totoo. Haay, miss you na
agad! I'll see you tom. Love kita, friend ko... =( "

(puzzled) why kya may sad face? Pero kilig ako! hehehe. Kaso, bad
mag-assume. Sad kya siya dahil friends lang kami? Or sad lang talaga
siya today?

Kilig-ed to the max, Jen saved that message sa phone
nya. And she was left thinking whether what she feels is reciprocated
or not.

TWO YEARS LATER: sobrang close pa rin sila...THE MESSAGE
WAS STILL ON HER PHONE. They went out a couple of times, calling their
date "company dates" whenever they make kwento to people to avoid


LOCATION: Sunken garden, UP Diliman campus

SETTING: sunset, ganda (daw) ng clouds, perfect setting sa mga mag-aaminan.

MIGS: Jen, I have to tell you something.

JEN: (thinking: THIS IS IT!) Yeah?

MIGS: Uh..(fidgets) you know how close we are? I just wanna thank you. Sobrang angel kita. You know that naman right?

JEN: (thinking: AAHHH! Kilig!) Corny! hehe. Pero yeah, you know din naman na you're my angel right?

MIGS: (blushing) uhh..yeah. (fidgets again) can we hug?

JEN: (blushing, feeling awkward) o, why? You have a problem ba?

MIGS: (hugging her) No naman. Just happy.

- - finished na yung hug - -

JEN: too. Feels right to be with you now.

MIGS: likewise (biglang tumulo ang tears of joy) Kainis, I'm getting emotional again. Sorry.(wipes tears)

JEN and MIGS: (sabay) May--

JEN: You first.

MIGS: uhh...hehe..teka. Hirap sabihin. Borrow nlang ng phone.

JEN: (Surprised, panicked) h-hah? w-wait lang.

naka-save pa yung message ni Migs above (FOR 2 FRIGGIN' YEARS) and
walang confirmed mutual understanding, Jen erased it para Migs wouldn't
know...but it was hard for her to erase the prized and oldest text
message na yun sa phone niya.

MIGS: (typed something sa cellphone) Thanks for being supportive ha?

JEN: (read the message) Aww. Omigosh. Heh. Really?

MIGS: yeah. you ok?

JEN: (nods, crying) can I just hug you?

MIGS: (hugs her) Why are you crying? Mad ka ba? Ayaw mo ba?

JEN: la lang. I'm just happy...really, I am.

MIGS: mo ko talaga! Tama talaga timpla natin! I'm happy too.
Nasabi ko na ba na mahal kita? (to the nape and back ang smile)

JEN: (crying pa rin) Ngayon lang Migs...ngayon lang.

--> you know what Migs wrote? eto (not in the abbreviated form):

girlfriend na ko. SHE'S a BREATH OF FRESH AIR, you'd like her. Sorry I
didn't tell you about her. You'll understand dba angel? Kaw pa, love mo
ko eh, hehehe. First time ko lang sasabihin ito. I was in love with you
for the past 2 years. Pero alam ko, it can never be. I value our
friendship so much, I couldn't risk losing you kahit mahal kita. I love
you bestfriend..."

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